2016 November I decided to join Forex thinking that I will overcome my brokenness and change my financial status from broke to better. I went to the internet and search for the closest Forex teacher I can get near me, then I got a few Forex teachers. I had to choose the one I think is the best I got the Forex teacher with a registered company of Forex teaching with a professional website and office on the internet. I took the first step of keeping my cellphone and make a call to set an appointment with an agreed payment, I drove there for three days’ lessons so my good people stop paying people to teach you forex trading (SPPTTYFT).

The three days lessons cost me R7000.00 we started the lesson on Friday and finish on Sunday. On Friday we started will basics understating what is Forex, how it works, how people make lots of money on forex. I have learned too much for people who do not have any information. I felt like a millionaire already, he gave me the confidence I didn’t have before. I went home and apply the knowledge I gained nothing worked still. Call the guy while in front of my computer during the trading time, the guy started giving me tips he didn’t give me before so the guy stops paying people to teach you forex trading (SPPTTYFT).

The truth is every Forex teacher doesn’t know any Forex strategies or they just don’t teach us learners strategy, what they do is to gather basic information and go teach Forex and make money over teaching while they don’t even trade. I don’t know if you have thought of it how can someone who trade Forex have time to teach you how to trade, if they are making millions when or how do they get a chance of teaching people how to trade Forex, instead of them trading Forex and grow bigger. I fail to understand the question in so many ways so my good fellas stop paying people to teach you forex trading (SPPTTYFT).


I started to have those question what a paid the other guy who told me he has a Forex strategy I so him on Facebook advertising that he teaches Forex strategies, I picked up my cell phone and dialed his digits we talked he promised to teach me the best strategy and install some of the best indicators that do not come with the normal Meta trade software. We set up a meeting and on the day of the meeting the guy come 2 hours late I waited since I needed help. When the guy comes he requested R3000.00 for the strategy that he has lol, guess what I paid and I found out that the strategy he has I already know it. I told the guy that I know this strategy he started lecturing me with the confidence of trading Forex using the same strategy I told him that I know. You will be surprised when you find your Forex teacher know less information than you about Forex, that’s what happened in my case so people stop paying people to teach you forex trading (SPPTTYFT).


The reality of Forex

Forex trading is a real thing which in Europe they are teaching it in high school and I first know about Forex in some of the American Movies like “Wallstreet Money never sleeps, Firewall, Wolfs of Wallstreet, and Money Monster” obviously they don’t teach Forex, but they show the existence of Forex and the power of it. The other true part about Forex is this thing is so emotional and I don’t think there is a person who can control it so please stop paying people to teach you forex trading (SPPTTYFT).

The most important lair to us about Forex are brokers the Forex teachers e.g. (the broker won’t pay a computer programmer to design the Meta trader software to be this easy so that we take money from them, the truth is we only that 10% chance of making money using the assets). The Forex teacher won’t waste their time teaching us Forex for R10 000.00 while they can be making Millions in the market, the reason we have Forex teacher is that they cannot trade, but knows the basics and claim they know Forex. If I am making millions so easy with something I won’t waste my time teaching people for a small amount of cash and writing books, I will be making money every little chance a get, so yes I think Forex teachers can’t really trade Forex.

What I know now!

If I knew what I know now about Forex I would have never paid for a Forex lesion I was going to go to YouTube and learn Forex basics. Because everything that I have learned from my Forex teacher is there on YouTube. The most important thing you need to know is to operate the Meta trade software, especially for a PC or Laptop may be little on the cellphone.

Know how to operate this Meta trade software then you can become a good Forex trader since you are going to know how to manipulate the system. The trading strategies are on the software, not the Forex chart and Platform.

By Munyai Charles