Things that South African poor people can’t resist

Things that South African poor people can’t resist

Here we are going to talk about the behavior of poor people in South Africa, hoping that the will change someday to empower themselves and their next generation. Here is the list of the things the South African poor people suffer from:

  1. Watching TV

Both elders and youth in South Africa watch TV a lot, they will give up anything just to have money to pay for the DSTV at the end of the month. In South Africa, the most expensive TV advert is between 18:30 and 21:30 during the soap famous soap times. The majority of South Africans feel no time wasted sitting for 3 hours +- being glued in front of the TV gaining nothing. The pitty is that most of them don’t even know that to register a company its costs less than R200.00. They also don’t see anything wrong when they fail to pay the DSTV in time and they are charged an extra R50.00 on top of their prince plan they are supposed to be paying for. Fellow South African if it is not making a little income its a liability stop wasting the little money you have.

2. Buy Artime and Data

The majority of elders in South Africa are buying airtime every day to top up their promotions e.g. Vodacom 3 days (60 min) Vodacom to Vodacom network. The people don’t realize that when they buy the promotion for one network it limits them to call the important calls, but to stick on calling the same people they call every day for gossip or just greetings. The youth of South Africa they buy the most expensive data for social media and yet they failed to make that social media profit-driven, they reason to say “the most expensive data” is because of our country South Africa is the only country that data are expensive at.

Day to day¬† South African youth buys data just to use on Whatsapp media for checking other people’s status and liking them.


3. Quick Money and Scams

Youth and Money Professionals this is the most recent platforms that are contributing to our poor people to stay poor. The Money scams in our country are known quickly and people get involved as fast as possible to join things that they will make get rich before others are away. The funnier part of this is most people today they know very well that they are joining the pyramids scams, but till joined hoping to be the first ones to benefits. They tell themselves that they won’t be addicted to the money they are making, the next thing is they become addicted and taking their saved money to the platform and losing all the money after the company closed and runs aways with people’s money. Since 2010 they have been many money scams that people fall into and failed to recover their money and still when a new company comes people are still going to invest their money in things they don’t know or understands. Companies like Defense X, MMM, Forex Trading, My Coins, Whatsapp stokvel, and many more.


4. Gambling

Poor people gamble a lot they will only value the winning part and forgot to calculate the losing part of what even gambling games they are playing, they will tell you that estimation of the money they have won since started gambling, but they lose track of the money lost when gambling. This is the most problem that poor people have in South African they fail to manage the little money they have. Every quick money taking scam seems to be popular very fast in this country and it goes via mouth to mount advertising than when the company is spending to advertise. Amust the poor people no one will tell you about the Business stream of making many because it seems like you might get rich later and it requires hard work.


5. Social Media obsession 

The South African youth are obsessed with many social media that are out there and they re not even sure how to make them profitable for themselves. If you go out there and ask how does social media like “Facebook” makes money people will tell you the because we buy data from the network companies and the “Facebook” benefit from it. The time and the money that our fellow South African waste on social media is countless and it’s not benefiting them anything.


6. Wrong Dreams

The Youth of South Africa thinks that getting a school education and qualification for a certain professional career can get wealth. The majority of people treasures the educational qualification more than money and the truth is it just gave them a chance to find a professional career. Today most poor people think that the same educator that complains about getting paid less every year is wealthy since he/she owns a car and a house. The same people with the same qualification or professional careers are not telling the community the truth of their lifestyle, that they are surviving with loans and they can’t afford to buy cars and building houses in cash. The majority of South Africa is being taught that working for the government is the best thing since they have a housing allowance, pension funds, and more. what they missed out is that the pension fund they get after retiring is be deducted on the salaries after Tax deductions which means that is their own money that the government takes again and makes a profit with their money.

The poor people pay tax more than rich people and they still don’t get it.